Hemelite 3.6n Hemelite 7.3n Topcrete



Mastercrete 25kg Postcrete 20kg Extra Rapid 25kg

New rec yellow

New Yellow Stock Bricks

New, imperial size bricks, hand made, aged to give appearance of authentic reclaimed yellow stock bricks.

New Soft red imperial

Imperial Soft Red Bricks

Soft Red, Imperial size, new handmade bricks. Commonly known as “Red Rubbers”, ideal, sustainable bricks for matching to existing brickwork.

Reclaimed red stock bricks B139

Reclaimed Red Stock Bricks

Old Red Stock bricks. Bricks are selected, sorted and cleaned by hand and are sourced from the local area.


Crazy Paving

Broken concrete paving slabs that can be used to for a random paving finish


Screened Sand

This material can be used as a bedding material the consistency is similar to beach sand consistency. A popular choice in the construction industry at a fraction of the cost of sharp sand and a very good substitution.



The material contains a high content of recycled material, tarmac chippings used for roads etc.

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