Blog Post: New Driveway, New You?

We are a little late for the “New Year, New You” inspirational motif, but how about “New Driveway, New You”?

How many times have you taken a slow Sunday drive along the same road you’ve always driven down, only to see that the house on the corner suddenly looks different? This has happened to me countless times recently leading me to wonder….is a new driveway the new home décor trend? Shutter blinds – so 2017, bi-fold doors – pah!

Being the chatty soul that I am, I mentioned my observations to Lisa, the Manager of DDS Building Supplies. They too have seen a massive increase in trade on their Grab and Tipper lorries. Phew, at least I wasn’t imagining things.

One of their customers even sent in a timelapse video of the driveway transformation, great stuff! DDS Building Supplies delivered bulk bags of Reycled type 1, sand, sharp sand and Mastercrete and subsequently removed the clean inert (soil) from site with a grab lorry.

Although this client opted to have the materials delivered to site, if he preferred he could have also collected from DDS Building Supplies yard in Manston Road, Margate.

This particular client found the bulk bags a convenient alternative to having a skip on site which also meant that no road permit was required.

So, if you are a builder looking for material supplies, look no further. Alternatively, if a new driveway is the new you, we can certainly recommend Kents finest tradesmen.

Credit to Crafted Gardens for the timelapse footage.

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